Lekcijas par skaisto un veselo

Lectures on beauty and health

Hello in spring!

I offer lectures that can complement any of your events, if you want to learn more and see things from a different point of view. I use my acquired knowledge and experience in lectures.

1. Effects of cosmetic ingredients on health. Safe and informed choice of cosmetics.

2. Physiology of the skin and its changes in different age stages. What a woman should know about her skin during premenopause and menopause. Caring for your skin at different age stages. Knowledgeable and deliberate choice of cosmetics.

3. Plants and their use in beauty care. Recipes for making your own beauty care product at home.

4. Beauty care in the sauna (what products to use, what not to use). Skin, body, spirit - a single sauna process. Conscious selection of beauty care products.

5. Meditation with a plant and writing a fairy tale.

6. Wholeness. Human skin is one of the boundaries/parts of the whole.

Have a beautiful and creative spring!

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