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About Yarrow

Our own wealth of nature - medicinal plants, which we use not only for making teas, tinctures, infusions, can also be used for face and body skin care and health maintenance. In this post I will talk about the common Yarrow.

RUUTe has obtained a high-quality extract - it is pure plant water from yarrow flowers and stems.

Yarrow contains an essential oil that contains isoprenoids (such us monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes). One of the terpenes of yarrow, also known as chamomile, is chamazulene. This compound is formed in the process of steam distillation, and depending on its amount in the plant, the resulting oil can be from yellow to dark blue in colour. My experience with yarrow is that the distillation process produces a dark blue chamazulene. The darker the colour, the more chamazulene is present. It is a safe and non-toxic ingredient. This substance has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties - it protects cells from free radical damage. In skin care, it has an important effect that protects the skin from various harmful environmental factors (wind, the sun, cold). Yarrow also contains flavonoids, where these natural substances are considered indispensable ingredients in various nutritional, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. They have strong antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimutagenic properties. In the plant world, flavonoids protect plants from various external environmental stresses and act as unique UV radiation filters. The phenolic carboxylic acids in the composition of yarrow increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls, improving the condition of the skin. The more flexible the blood vessel wall, the better tissue blood supply and oxygen supply. The tannins and vitamin K in the composition help to stop bleeding from the wound, so yarrow is as useful as broadleaf plantain when first aid is needed in cases of abrasions and cuts. Rubbed into the scalp, yarrow strengthens hair roots, improves hair health, and promotes hair growth.

The above is confirmed by the tradition of folk medicine, information from recognized pharmacists, as well as the Plant Monographs of the European Medicines Agency confirm the beneficial effect of the biologically active substances contained in yarrow on the skin, keeping it whole.

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