My journey

Every journey holds its unique significance. Embarking on a new path opens doors to unforeseen destinations. Reflecting on my life, the diverse paths I've walked converge into one profound experience named RUUTe.

RUUTe and Me

My name is Inese Vasilevska. A tale about myself and about you. I'm all about embracing a natural skin glow, and I believe you are too.

Medical knowledge creates my foundation and herbal power strengthens my roots.

RUUTe's story

RUUTe is my gift to your skin. 

The word RUUTe is borrowed from the medicinal plant Fragrant Rue (Ruta graveolens), which reflects the strength and thoroughness of nature.

RUUTe is a synthesis of nature and modern science for your whole body.

Be in the Wholness!

Product Philosophy

Unique Elements: RUUTe cosmetics stand out for their uniqueness. Rare are products where raw materials are thoughtfully sourced from cultivation, harvesting, preparation, and finally utilized in cosmetic formulations.

Nature's Strength and Gentleness: By choosing RUUTe natural cosmetics, you take your daily skin care ritual to a whole new level.

About packaging

Environmentally Friendly: RUUTe cosmetics are packaged in paper and glass packages that are easy to recycle & reuse.

Quality and Protection: Glass packaging protects the product, preserving all natural properties.

My message

Taking care of your skin, taking care of yourself naturally, is the greatest benefit for you. The body is like a flower that blooms and delights. The more attention you pay to it, the more beautifully it will bloom. The sooner you start it, the better the result will be in the long run. Remember it's never too late!

Be in Wholness!


Healthy Skin

Your skin's task is to maintain its physiological function to be beautiful at any age. Get a chance for the skin to shine in natural beauty.


The plant-based ingredients in formulations work synergistically, complementing each other. Just like an orchestra where each instrument has a unique sound, they come together to create a harmonious melody. The components of RUUTe cosmetics, like instruments in an orchestra, blend in harmony for your skin.

Spiritual enjoyment

Plant ingredients not only take care of your body, but also create spiritual pleasure. Fill your everyday life with the magic of nature, which touches both the skin and the soul.

The power of patience

Exercise patience, as the plant ingredients work gradually, enabling the skin to adapt with a positive impact in the long term. RUUTe cosmetics promise enduring transformations well worth the wait.

So excited to see you here!

Find nature's secrets in our products and let your skin enjoy real beauty! Check out our catalog page for a simple way to give your skin the best.