Privacy Policy


Seller shall protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons, in particular the integrity of private life, in respect of the processing of personal data in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Latvia, the Law on the Protection of the Data of Natural Persons.

Seller gets the customer's personal information because it is necessary to provide the customer with the best service level. Seller shall transfer personal data to the Omniva pack station service provider in order to ensure the supply of the goods. The personal data required to make payments shall be transferred to the licensed paying authority Maksekeskus AS.

On Homepage, Buyer can order an item, make requests and apply for information about news, sales, etc. by filling out the application form available under Contacts on Homepage. For the processing of the request, the following information must be provided to Buyer: first name, surname, address, e-mail address, contact phone, etc. Seller only handles personal data that the Buyer has entered to order items, such as first name, surname, e-mail, etc. The information provided by Buyer helps Seller to implement the proposed service, process the Buyer's requests, deliver the goods and provide support.

When entering the necessary information while drawing up the order, Buyer shall certify that he/she has got acquainted with and agrees that the data provided by him/her is used to enable Seller to accept the Buyer’s order and to deliver the Goods in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Republic of Latvia. When entering the information, Buyer agrees that there will be sent notices related to the handling of the Buyer's order, agreements, order specifications and other messages (collectively referred to as “Notifications”) via e-mail. Buyer agrees that e-mail notifications comply with the rules and conditions applicable to such written communication.

Seller does not request or process sensitive personal data. Seller never uses or shares the information obtained that Buyer provides online. Seller shall not sell or rent the Buyer's contact information to other market participants. Seller shall take all possible steps to ensure that the Buyer's personal information is protected against theft, disappearance, abuse, as well as against unauthorised access, detection, alteration and damage.

If Buyer who ordered and purchased the product on the Homepage does not have legal capacity, the lawful representative of that person (e.g., parents, trustees) shall be responsible for the order and payment of the product. In the above case, the order shall not be withdrawn, and the purchase fee made shall not be refunded.

Inese Vasilevska ( hereby certifies that the information and personal data provided by Buyer in connection with the purchase, supply and delivery of goods will be collected, processed, and stored in accordance with the requirements of the European Union legislation on the protection of personal data.

When submitting the data, Buyer agrees that the data is processed and stored throughout the data processing period specified herein, as well as in the cases specified in regulatory enactments after initial data processing for as long as it would be necessary.

The data collected will not be transferred to third parties, except if this was necessary for the purposes of the processing of the data specified herein, or if such an obligation is imposed by regulatory enactments.

Buyer has the right to request the recovery of his or her data at any time, information on the use of the Buyer's data, and to request the deletion of his or her data.


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