Pasaka par Pelašķi (Inese Vasiļevska)

The Tale of the Yarrow (Inese Vasiļevska)

It says: watch the plants that grow in the yard of your house. They will tell you why they are in your yard. I watch and enjoy, but I don't remember that this plant was in such quantity at the very beginning, since we started living here. And you won't believe it, this plant is also in the beds of my garden. Knowing and understanding a little more now than when I first met it, I asked myself: do I really need it? Answer: yes, yes and yes again. This unusual story is about Yarrow ( Achillea Millefolium ).

The tale began in ancient times, when people used plants to maintain their health. It was beyond thirty-nine mountains and thirty-nine seas. In the world, a plant came to people, which was named in honor of the Greek hero Achilles. You will ask: how so? Brave Greek soldiers used this unusual plant to heal their wounds. Millefolium, which is the second part of the plant's name, comes from the Latin/Italian word for 1000 leaves. Yes, interesting, why exactly 1000? Is it because Yarrow has many leaves? If you look more closely, you can count each leaf into smaller units and there are also many flowers. Is it because Yarrow is one of the most unique plants and is called the healer of all ailments?

In a certain Kingdom lived a very happy King and Queen. They had a daughter, Achilles. The girl grew up and became more and more beautiful, because her parents created conditions for her where the girl could develop her talents. Where Achilles walked, there was light. Everything became clean and protected. If someone injured himself, Achilles knew how to heal the wound in a few minutes and in such a way that even no one would believe that the place in question had been injured.

Achilles spent a lot of time in nature, talking to plants, birds, wind, rain and other natural phenomena and beings. She had a Fairy Godmother, from the world of nature fairies, who taught Achilles various wisdoms. Achilles' presence created a healing atmosphere, especially when she began to sing and dance.

As in all tales, also about Achilles, the time came and the father wanted to marry his daughter to a prince who would fulfill the following conditions:

First the guy should be strong-backed, supportive, handsome and handsome.

Second, the guy must pass three tests:

- you have to live with a very small amount of water for a whole week,  and then be able to recover,

- heal his wounds so that there are no scars afterwards,

- must be able to defeat all enemies by his presence.

Many suitors came from far and wide, even from overseas lands, because news of Achilles' special abilities and beauty had spread outside the Kingdom.

Many guys came to the tests, but one Prince stood out because of his attitude and the light he radiated. Wherever the Prince went, it became bright and clean. All the monsters that could not stand such brilliance disappeared never to return. Several of the princes were of fine built and handsome, but this Prince stood out with something special. The Prince was very determined and confident that the King's tasks could be completed.

The day came when the King announced the tasks to be done. All the young men who fought for the hand and heart of Achilles had to go to the desert, where they had to spend a week, walk a certain distance and return to the kingdom renewed. The Prince went into the desert with the others. Each was given a small amount of water.

As the day progressed, the Sun heated up stronger and stronger. The desert sand warmed the bare feet. At times it felt like the feet were on a baking sheet. Already in the second half of the first day there were Princes who fell away because they chose not to go further into the wilderness. The Prince walked nobly, stately, encouraging others. Water was used only enough to moisten the lips, as it was not known whether it would be available during the week. The Prince, with his presence, gave the others confidence and even a small dose of courage. He tried to cheer others up and many felt light and bright in his presence.

Also in those times there were people with great envy and vanity, a sense of superiority. Several of the participants started to form a group, who thought that the Prince was not a bright character and decided to retaliate against him. They smushed their empty glass bottles and during the night threw them on the road they were supposed to take the next morning. Not suspecting anything bad, the Prince and the others regained their strength and went on. However, he did not get far, because his feet were cut on the dropped glass fragments. The culprits just smirked and moved on. The Prince soon stopped the bleeding from his wounds and others with his life energy. This made it possible to bind up the wounds and move forward, albeit slowly. The second morning, after a night's rest, everyone's wounds began to heal. By the third day they had closed and all you could see were signs that there had been a wound. A day later, no one had any more wounds, not even scars.

If you ask about those who rushed forward and left the others in misery, they never returned. Their black thoughts and deeds would be illuminated and they would not be able to be in the presence of the Prince.

The day had come when the desert road began to turn back and there were only a few drops of water left. Many fell due to weekness, they had to be supported. For many, the Sun had caused health problems. The Prince was also on the verge of exhaustion. But he was sure there was water nearby. And so it was, on the last night the remaining contestants who fought for the hand of Achilles ended up at a beautiful lake. Everyone was happy because they could refresh themselves. The night passed and in the morning, as it happened or not, everyone was at the gates of the Royal Palace. Everyone was dusty, some were sick because they couldn't renew their vital energy, despite the fact that they had reached the lake in the evening and got to cool off. The Prince alone was cheerful, rejuvenated and cheerful. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that he had won the trial for the arm of Achilles.

Everyone finally learned the Prince's name. – Achilles. The kingdom was happy because masculine strength met feminine beauty, creating numerous and durable offsprings. And everyone lived happily ever after.

PS May we all know how to save, maintain and renew our vital energy! Don't lose it. Be in the light and be the light!

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