Sveicieni pavasarī!

Greetings in spring!

I am happy and grateful that you have looked at my new RUUTe cosmetics website. 

This is my first entry. On my blog, you will find news about RUUTe. Here I will talk about the natural cosmetic products I create myself, the ingredients, and the herbs I use. 

Here you will also find an e-shop with the first cosmetic products I have created for your daily routine. The shop will be gradually updated with new and useful natural cosmetic products. It is a long process to create a cosmetic product and to ensure that everyone who needs and wants it receives it. Not only do the ingredients have to be prepared and selected, but also the formula must be created and tested, authorised, laboratory-tested and, of course, packaged.

I grow and harvest several of the herbal ingredients myself. Busy times are coming!

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