Drinks From The Heart of Nature

The story of each tea leaf begins in the soil, where the sun, the rain and the softness of our mother earth come together in harmony. RUUTe teas offer you not only warmth and taste, but also a story about Latvia's forests, fields and its untouched meadows. Read this message of nature in every cup of tea, which will warm not only the body, but also the soul. Be in the Wholeness with RUUTe!

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  • The Wisdom of Latvia's Nature

    I have created each tea with love, taking into account the unique stories of Latvian nature. Feel like you are in the rhythm of nature with every sip of tea.

  • Healing Meadows in Your Mug

    From the heart of Latvia directly in your tea cup - choose your peaceful moment with plants that know and strengthen.

  • Earthly Gift In a Bottle

    Experience how the breezes of nature and the softness of teas play together harmoniously. Discover the nuances of exquisite and healing taste.